Tradadex VIP Signal Service main features

  • Huge pips per month from 3500-7000 pips profit target per month
  • Small to no draw down trades
  • All trades are based on method inline with Smart money and big market makers
  • 2-5 Signals per day
  • We trade only London and New york session
  • 97% accurate signals
  • Most accurate and most profitable channel on Telegram
  • We share our analysis so you can also learn
  • Most importantly we share the market direction so no one in our paid channel trade against the Smart money trend

Note: We don’t give Trial or Refund Payments due to shortage of time and to avoid scam. Please visit our Telegram channel and decide your journey with us.

Our Way of Working and Results

Following is profit made on our accounts by following the Signals given in paid channel

EURCHF 400 pips in sell running. Trade was given as a challenge trade in our Free and Paid Channel. You can still search this trade in our Free channel using keyword “Challenge

Client Reviews regarding our service

Here are the results and Pips gained report

5700 pips Gained in 7 Trading Days

9700 pips Gained in 10 Trading Days

17470 pips Gained in 30 Trading Days