FAQs regarding Tradadex Technical Analysis Course

Why are you selling this method?

I have created this method. I now wanted to create a reputation for myself. I have seen a lot of people struggling with Forex lost of a lot of money.

Do I need to know anything else apart from basic MT4 knowledge?

Yes, an important part psychology. I will give you the method. In this method stop losses are usually big. Trades usually go against you for 1-2 days however your TP is 95% times hit. So, believe in me or try the method on demo. Make your psychology strong before trying this method on real account.

How much can i earn using this method?

You can earn minimum estimated pips 3000+ per month. So, you can calculate how much is the potential in this method.

Do i need to purchase additional Indicators?

No every thing every indicator is included in the price.
Will the method consists of divergence only? As I can see from the attached screenshots?
Well you have spotted divergence in charts. Good it means you can learn the system well. However, my method is not consists only and only of divergence. It uses divergences but not every divergence is successful. My method is composed of important non repaint levels.

What is the risk to reward ratio in your method?

Following are trades 1. Trades in which your sl got hit less than 10% of times. 2. Trades in which your trade close at breakeven or 20-30 pip profit risk 1 and reward 0.3% 1:0.3% or 1:0.5 sometimes 1:0.2% etc 3. Trades in which trade close at 1:3 to 1:6 risk to reward ratio 30-40% of times.