Forex Technical Analysis Course – With Our Full Money Back Guarantee!

The ‘all new’ Tradadex Forex Technical Analysis course has been developed by our team of experts over the last 5 years. This has involved hardwork, passion and commitment to excellence with our work in the Forex market. The Tradadex Forex Technical Analysis Course is comprised of two sections.

  1. Section one is concerned with the long term direction of market marker moves – support, resistance, Trend lines, and RSI (Divergence). Although you will have heard of these elements, we teach a new approach to using these tools to secure your profits.
  2. Section two is comprised of actual m15, Intra Day, Intra session and Swing Trades – our Tradadex Team will help you to select the trades with laserbeam accuracy. Our focus will be mainly on finding  ‘Big Lot Trades’ using small stoplosses – optimising your risk to reward ratio. We will help you increase your account consistently using this method. We will use moving averages and patterns in some cases. Don’t take our word for it – view our Big Lot results for yourself here in this telegram channel!

Note: All systems and strategies are based on personal experience, vision and 5 years of trading exposure of the Tradadex Trading Team. These courses are totally unique and available only from us – you won’t find them anywhere else!

Benefits of purchasing Forex Technical Analysis Course:

  • Brand New, and Unique method of trading
  • You will learn to trade alongside the Market Makers
  • No more wasting of time and money in forex – your journey starts here
  • No need to sit in front of markets 24/7. We will give you the market moves with pin point accuracy timing. You will be able to enter before the market moves
  • No more nursing of bad trades for days or weeks
  • Excellent risk to reward ratio
  • You can consistently grow your account with our the Tradadex Forex Technical Analysis Course
  • You can also achieve a very high number of pips as demonstrated in Tradadex Vip signals group and you can also achieve huge profits by following Big Lots Trades as in Tradadex Big Lot signal group.
  • No more Greed and Fear of the Forex Market
  • Our courses will cover Money Management, Trade Management and Psychology of a great trader
  • You can learn about the accuracy, consistency and psychological ideas our team will implement in your subconscious mind by following the must-read post here. This is how our team will help you consistently increase your account. Here is just a small demonstration of the overall concept.

Pricing and what the package will include:

The RRP for Tradadex Forex Technical Course is $999.00.

Our Early Bird Discount Price will be just $699.00. You save $301!

We offer a full *no quibble guarantee. If you are not making money in 3 months from purchase date we will GIVE YOU A FULL REFUND.

The package will include two entirely different systems for short term and long term entries. All indicators will be included in package.

You will learn the following topics from Tradadex Technical Course

  1. Big Lot, small stoploss entries
  2. Small Lot, high numbers of pips and long term entries
  3. Psychological subconscious mind programming webinars
  4. Money Management
  5. Trade Management
  6. Using Trend Lines, Support & Resistance, Divergences, Market Consolidation Phases, Market Maker Moves and Market Makers’ Behaviour for your own benefit.
  7. How to use Fundamental News to your advantage
  8. Trading with and without indicators. Tradadex team has realized more than 40,000 USD in profit since from January 2019. If I can DO it, I can teach any person in the world do that.


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Contact us for more payment options. Please make sure to send all payment in full. After making a payment send us a screenshot of payment with transaction id on our contact emails and we will add you to your subscribed service.

Note all the concepts offered in your Tradadex Forex Technical course are based upon the personal vision, hardwork and experience of Tradadex Team. All the concepts are unique and provide a valuable return on your investment.

Redistribution and Selling of our courses is entirely against our Terms and Conditions of signing up for Tradadex Forex Technical Course.


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