Tradadex Fund Management Service Terms and Conditions are as Follows

  • Minimum equity $5000
  • Weekly 20% profit target i.e For 5000$ the Profit Target will be 1000$ weekly
  • Weekly Profit sharing on every Friday
  • Small Draw down 5-10% maximum
  • In bad weeks we most of times exit in breakeven meaning no profit and no loss condition
  • 50-50% profit sharing per week
  • Payment via Btc, Netler, Skrill, Westron Union, Webmoney and Perfect money.

Performance on Client accounts are as follows

Tradadex Fund Management Service.
Performance of Tradadex Fund management service on Client account. Client account grown from 115$ to 3375$ in 8 Trading Weeks.

Here is another Client account with 15% profit target achieved on his account in 1 Trading week


Tradadex Capital management
15% of client account successfully achieved on his account.

Here on this account our fund management team managed to made 864$ on client account.

Bad weeks and profit protection

Anyone into experience of Forex is well aware that Forex business has a risk to initial capital. Our experienced team is always ready to protect the client funds and profit previously gained. So bad weeks typically contain no loss or no profit statement.

Here are some client reviews regarding my Fund management service

20% of account successfully gained on client account

20% of Capital gained on client’s account.

The performance on various client accounts are as follows

We also provide the teaching of same system under Tradadex Technical Analysis course.

Tradadex Fund Management Results from 115$ to 3350$

Tradadex Fund Management Results 25% of Capital Gained in 1 Trading week