Tradadex Past Performance results and Achievements

EURCHF 400 pips in sell running. Trade was given as a challenge trade in our Free and Paid Channel. You can still search this trade in our Free channel using keyword “Challenge

GBPUSD Big lot, small sl and Big TP entry running in 300 pips profit. It hit a tp of 1400 pips.
Gold Small SL big lot and Big Tp entry. It is running in 137 pips profit.
GBPAUD big lot small sl, and Big tp Entry. It is currently running in 263 pips in profit.
USDCHF big lot small sl and big TP entry.
Usdcad Big Lot, Small sl and Big TP Entry

EURCHF was published as a challenge Trade in Our Telegram channel. It is in 500 pips profit.

20% of account successfully gained on client account
Here on this account our fund management team managed to made 864$ on client account.
Tradadex Capital management
15% of client account successfully achieved on his account.
Tradadex Fund Management Service.
Performance of Tradadex Fund management service on Client account. Client account grown from 115$ to 3375$ in 8 Trading Weeks.