Trading Rules, Psychology and Money Mangement For Big lot signal Service

Tradadex Big Lot Entry rules, Money Management and Psychological tips for Members only

  • Lot size: I will give take 2-5% of risk per trade depending upon setup. If stop loss is 15 pips and your account size is 1000$ and I instruct you to take risk of 2%. It means in case SL hit you will loose 20$. So, you need to calculate lot size by your self.
  • SL size: SL will be 10-15 pips in most of trades. Don’t pick up your stoploss. In case of a losing trade let the sl hit, don’t move your stoploss even for 3-4 pips. I have told you to open no spread account on IC markets. If any one not convinient he/she needs to add the spread of pair into stoploss. I will give you a value for stoploss may be 15 pips and your broker is taking 5 pips spread so you need to add 5 pips to the stoploss value and your stoploss than will be 20 pips. You can open ICmarkets ECN account by following my IB link. I will take special care of persons under my IB.
  • Reward: The risk to reward for most trades will be minimum 1:3, which means by taking 2% risk you can atleast gain 6% of your account size.
  • Crocodile Trading: Crocodile is known as the most intelligent predator. It stays in its place for 3-7 days to get an awesome prey. This way it not only hides its presence but also gets a valueable prey. I want you to do crocodile trading. I myself wait for hours and days to get an awesome entry and It really works. I am consistently gaining 20% of each client account every week. So, I want you not to do over trading. Many of you people have joined many channels and getting your phoned spammed by thousands of signals. Don’t fall for trap. I want you to follow my entries for at-least one week and you will notice how successful you will be with my signals only. If you are quick and wants to follow every other signal, i want you to reduce lot size and take 0.02 to 0.05% risk per trade
  • Business: I am not kidding, not spamming, and not making you believe some extra ordinary returns. You guys have already paid me and now it is my duty to make you gain minimum 10-20% of your account per week. So, just trust me guys do as I instruct you to do and you will be successful. I assure you these signals are the last thing you ever need in Forex. So, please don’t take it for granted and follow the rules as I am telling you. I am not into 70% winning and 30% losing gambling games. I am not into nursing a trades for hours, days and weeks before it finally goes into profit. I am doing a business to have 7 out of 10 and 10 out of 10 successful trades. So, you too need to make money man and just need to follow me.
  • Last but not least I am an honest man and I always work hard behind the scenes to provide some value to my family. You are literally my family because no one will ever provide you signals with 15 pips stoploss and 50 pips tp. Most of Telegram channels will get you in a trade with 150 pips stoploss and when ever trade moves 20 pips profit he/she will ask you to close the trade. So, rest you can think yourself. Please please follow me, don’t listen to any body else, Follow me make money and sleep
  • Must read: I know you will be very excited for signals as you have heavily paid for the service but I want you to just relax, get your accounts ready, don’t trade and wait for my calls. Control your emtions.
  • Oath: I want you not to over trade. I will personally make sure every person in the channel gains 20% by the end of week. So, If your 20% target is achieved by 1 trade, just close your system, spend time with family or go outing. I don’t want you to make extra trades and loose. You will even not follow the signals in this channel once your 20% target a week is achieved. Don’t get excited, don’t get greedy, don’t fear and belive me I am offering you what I am already gaining. In other words set your target a week from 10-20% only. Achieve your target and don’t trade than. You can trade demo or open a cent account in case you love to do trading.
  • Last and Important: Nobody in Forex will tell you these things. It is not their fault because they also even don’t know these things. I am also a busy person however, I some how managed to find some time to provide you a value.Today is EID ul Fitar and I am working to provide how things really work. I too have a family and friends waiting for me. So , point is don’t take this service as granted, control your emtions and follow these rules. I am a busy person and I am wirting these rules for first and last time. Our service don’t need this much explanation. Things were important so I explained to you. Forex and I am not going any where. Forex was operating since 1886. We all will be dead and it will still be functionaling. So, just relax and control your emotions.
  • If any body still needs help can contact me @wajahatnauman